Assemble the Chestpack as follows:

Attach the Chestpack to the shoulder strap of the backpack at approximately the height of your collarbone. A small karabiner (not supplied) may be needed to do this if your backpack does not already include a D-ring here.

The outer loop should not go over the hip belt but should instead be fed behind the tension strap of the hip belt attachment to the backpack. To do this, loosen the tension strap and then feed it through the loop to get it back on. If your backpack does not have a tension strap then the outer loop should go over the hip belt.

The remaining loop goes over the hip belt and the buckle of the hip belt should be checked if it goes through it.

Finally, put the backpack on and adjust the Chestpack for optimal fit and placement using the upper loop/cam buckle.


The Chestpack should not be worn too tight to the body and there should be sufficient ventilation space left between the Chestpack and the body.

The Chestpack should not be over packed as to do so will may make walking / climbing uncomfortable.