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Our primary reason for approaching Radical Design to produce the Chestpack was because of their world-class status in manufacturing bags and backpacks. In addition, they offer the possibility to design and implement tailored products and prototypes, from one-off products to full production. And of course there is another big advantage for us: a small Dutch company is taking a personal, hands-on approach to making the Chestpack.

This is what Radical Design say about themselves:

The development of a top workshop

In 1990 Hubert van Ham started Radical Design to make rucksacks and bicycle panniers for the serious user. Because of his passion for mountaineering he had an extensive experience with rucksacks and was not satisfied with the choice at the time. By coupling his outdoor experience with a repair service for outdoor shops he quickly built up knowledge of what stays put and what doesn't.

A new step

After 6 years Hubert van Ham had not only won the confidence of his customers, but he was capable of realizing a dream: to buy a workshop and house in the beautiful countryside of the Dutch province of Drenthe. This was also the moment to look for staff. There are currently eight talented people working at Radical Design.

A pleasant and easy-going atmosphere exists within the working ranks of Radical Design, incorporating a high personal involvement in the organization and final production, resulting from the high level of realization within each employee as to the importance of quality and their own roles and abilities within the company. This positive attitude adds the crucial ingredient for a client-friendly and quality-awareness, upon which the company Radical Design is based.

This setup results in:

  • Designs without unnecessary frills, but with useful details.
  • The best materials, not chosen for looks or price but for proved durability.
  • Production with the most modern of machines by a team of involved professionals.

These three aspects are united in each Radical Design product.

The Customer based approach

As a small company listening to customers has always been a strong aspect of Radical Design. This has resulted in many tailor-made designs, sometimes one piece, e.g. for photographers, sometimes in series like the onsite coffee-serving packs for Dutch coffee producer Douwe Egberts™ and the dedicated bags and covers for folding bike producer Brompton™.


Radical Design is aware of its part in the environmental issue. It wants to give a positive contribution by dealing with energy and waste in a conscious way. This is expressed by reduction of waste and energy and the use of sustainable energy by Essent. All of the raw materials we use are produced in the European Community with their strict regulations.


Radical Design aims at controlled growth guaranteeing the well-being of all people involved. The above described company concept will get full attention and will be developed further. The customer-based approach will remain a key ingredient in the growing strategy of Radical Design.

Radical Design
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